There are several common mistakes people make when filing their tax returns. While these mistakes are generally easy to avoid, it’s easy to make them. Here are the most common ones to avoid. Read on to avoid them! Listed below are some of the most common tax filing mistakes. Remember to keep these tips in mind next time you’re filing your taxes! By following these simple tips, you’ll be better prepared to file your taxes correctly.

Entering negative numbers incorrectly is a big mistake, and can lead to delay in your refund. If you don’t have the documentation you need, the CRA will reject your deductions. You can request a reassessment if you discover a mistake. Similarly, enter the wrong social security number on your tax forms. When the IRS receives your form, they will verify the data. You could get a paper check instead.

In addition to this, many people are not aware of the deduction u/s 80TTA, which applies to savings bank interest up to Rs. 10,000. While this tax deduction can be huge, many return filers don’t claim it. This is a major mistake, because only interest on savings bank deposits is exempt. This means that you’re wasting valuable tax money! Incorrectly entering your dependents’ last names or SSNs can cause you to incur hefty penalties.

Another common mistake is the incorrect use of PAN. People often forget that filing their returns requires them to have a valid email ID. When an official email address is incorrect, it’s difficult to communicate with the income tax department. Incorrectly using a mobile number or incorrect PAN can lead to your return being deemed incomplete or rejected. The income tax department looks closely at every transaction and will catch any errors in your return if it’s incomplete or inaccurate.

Common-law partners get the same tax treatment as married couples. The main differences between them are in the tax benefits and regulations. If you’re married and filing a joint return, you and your partner should make sure both of you sign the tax forms before sending them to the IRS. The mistake of choosing the wrong filing status can affect your tax bracket, credits, deductions, and how much tax you pay. Remember, each filing status has specific rules regarding who can select it.

Home office deduction: Although many people believe that the home office deduction is an audit red flag, it’s not. Many people work from home and can take advantage of this deduction as long as it meets IRS requirements. You can use tax software to help you avoid these common errors. But make sure you double check your final return before submitting it. If you have an IRA rollover, don’t automatically take the standard deduction.

Itemizing: The best way to save money is to itemize your deductions. If you can’t afford to pay the full amount due on your tax return, file for an extension. You’ll end up paying more in interest and payment penalties if you fail to file. It’s a big mistake to make when filing your tax returns. Instead, make sure you file them early and avoid any penalties or fees that might be assessed.

By Ryder