It’s hard for individuals to understand when is the right time to invest and where they should put their money, especially when the economy is in a bit of a mess. Now, it calls for investments and strategies to make sure that financial security is there when times get hard. In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, trying to keep one step ahead all the time is a constant and difficult task, as not everything is predictable.

Traditional Investment

Real Estate

Owning property can provide either passive income through things such as rent or you can consider flipping houses and generate a large amount of income over a shorter period of time. Either way, there are multiple ways to earn a good chunk of money through property investment. As discussed above, commercial real estate has taken a huge impact from the increase in remote working, but also the mansion tax and economy have recently made real estate not an attractive option to enter right now. While this won’t be a persistent issue in the long future, this signifies that these small facts really do help when making your decision about where to invest.

Be sure when signing contracts, and working with other realtors that you are looking through contracts because we have heard too many stories regarding contract scams. If you have ever been a victim be sure to contact Wealth Recovery Solicitors (WRS), who can help you get back what is rightfully yours.

Beyond Traditional Investments


While we are all aware of the impact digital currencies have had on investing scale. Currencies like bitcoin really skyrocketed in 2016 and those who invested on a whim ended up making millions of dollars. We are not sure if crypto has been there and done that or if it’s something that is here to stay in the long run. This is completely dependent on the individual and the research that has gone into it but it’s important to point out that this very unconventional method has its perks but also many downfalls. For example, the many risks of crypto scams, unregulated brokers and volatile markets have led countless professionals and the inexperienced to lose money.

While loss is always a risk, it requires extensive knowledge and research to become successful with this method of investing.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

This is a method of loaning money directly to individuals or businesses through online platforms that can produce attractive returns. This might be as simple as lending someone you trust some money for a bet on the horses or giving money to invest because they don’t have the funds at the time. The way you make money from this is by agreeing to terms of payment plus interest. This is a very risky business method, as nothing is ever a sure thing and there is the underlying risk of them paying you back even if they do win.

Final Thoughts

When considering the next steps to securing your finances through investing, there are key questions you need to ask yourself, such as:

  1. Am I interested in this?
  2. Can I afford to lose what I am investing?
  3. Do I have the means to research and educate myself before and during investing?
  4. Am I confident with my investments?

It just proves that being careful with every decision you make, including financial advisors, is crucial.

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